“More than a website, a network of interconnected sites.” la toile

I paint the complete solution in 7 clics for you,
your one-page digital canvas that brings your services together in an incredible simplicity.

A Design Thinking* of your services to create your offer on a canvas 🖼️


1. Your one-pager digital canvas

When to keep it simple is sometimes much more complex than to make it complicated.


la toile illustrates it all in one page!


2. Your logo and business cards

My offer includes, the design of your logo and the creation of a mockup of your business cards.

3. Your domain name & hosting

Your domain name e.g. www.yourdomaine.com

Redirection of your emails 📧 e.g. bonjour@tondomaine.com

-> to your Gmail address.

As well as hosting your site, on state-of-the-art servers in the cloud ⛅.

4. Secured with an SSL certificate

Your web will be secured using Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, in addition a daily, weekly and monthly backup will be made. Sleep soundly!


5. Remote configuration of your computer

Remote configuration of your main computer Mac OS X 10.8 and + or Windows 7 and +. Virus and spyware removal. Installation of the software necessary for the smooth running of your work. Plus setting up a backup solution for your important files in the cloud . No more worries, your computer is in good hands!

6. Facebook, Google & SEO

Your business pages, their banners, logos and information!  

Our secret solution for your SEO.


SEO, appears at the top beautifully and easily now!

* SEO: search engine optimization – optimizing content for the search engines!

7. A walk or a web café meeting?

The most important thing for me is to forge links, to understand each other and to act according to a mission that brings us together and unites us.

In my opinion, we must get to know each other and understand our passions, our goals and our objectives. Much more than a site, a common mission! 

So to do this it will be important to take the time to tell our stories; do we take a morning walk or would you rather a web café meeting ?

How much does it cost ? If I told you $ 50 a week, wouldn’t I be the cheapest employee on your payroll?